About Us

WSI Expert Solutions is an independently owned and operated franchise of WSI which is Headquartered in Toronto, Canada. WSI has been developing profitable Internet solutions since the mid-1990s. The company has a network of certified WSI Internet Franchise Consultants spanning more than 80 countries.  WSI Expert Solutions is now in its eleventh year in Baton Rouge, providing all the convenience of a small, local Internet company with the resources and manpower of a big-box franchise.

Baton Rouge Internet Consultant Darrell Moore remains committed to eliminating the chaos for businesses in the ever-changing world of technology.  Early on in WSI, our approach had to do with developing business presence online by building websites. Now, building a website is just the beginning, if that, of actually using Internet technology.

Business owners wonder if they should update their website, post something to Facebook,  post a blog, send information out on Twitter, post images to Pinterest — all social media vehicles that seem necessary to keeping a small business visible on the web, but all these are time-consuming task.  Most small-business owners really don’t have the time and the expertise to commit to finding out how they should go about using internet technology to improve their business.  We tell our clients, “You go out and find out the things that are happening in your world, and we’ll handle the technology for you.”

WSI believes that money spent on digital marketing should be treated as an investment. Businesses should and must have a way to know if they are getting a good return on investment.  We are able to provide actual measurements that will show whether or not what we’re doing is working for you. Digital Marketing if it’s done right, works. If not, it can be an expense. WSI prefers to act as a long-term consultant to small businesses. The relationship begins with our WSI Internet Business Analysis, which examines your company’s presence online, how you are using the Internet to achieve business goals or objectives, and how you rank in search engines. “Is your business going to come up during the research phase of the consumer’s buying cycle?” we asks. “Will it continue to come up when they leave your page? With remarketing technology—a bit of code—even when consumers are off looking at a new site, your information can still come up.

Another valuable service we provides is online reputation management. Someone within the company—the franchise as a whole, not just the Baton Rouge office—can serve as a client’s social media presence. Our experts will monitor the social media arena, and if there is a negative comment out there, it will be responded to with an appropriate response. We have people that specialize in knowing how to respond to bad experiences, as well as expand good experiences. We will make the Internet work for you.